Algebra 1 2019-2020

Unit 0 – Getting Started

A DayB DayLesson NameHomework
8/128/13Basic Integer Operations1. Basic Integer Operations Worksheet
8/148/15Order of Operations2. Pg 13 #9-11;13,17-21;24, 39-41;45,47,49,51
8/168/19Verbal Expressions3. 1.1 Practice: Variables and Expressions
8/208/21Algebra 1 Baseline Test 4. 1.2 Practice: Order of Operations Skip # 9,15,22,24,27,29,31,32,33,35,37,38 (Solutions)

5. Integers and Order of Operations Quiz

No Homework
8/268/27Distributive Property
Properties of Algebra
6. Distributive Property
8/288/29 Unit 0 Review 7. Unit 0 Review and Solutions
8/309/6 8. Unit 0 Test

Unit 1 – Expressions

A DayB DayLesson NameHomework
9/99/10Properties of Exponents9. Basic Rules of Exponents Worksheet
9/119/12Properties of Negative Exponents10. Working with Negative Exponents
9/139/16Exponents Review11. Properties of Exponents DeltaMath
9/179/18Exponents Review

12. Properties of Exponents Quiz

13. Multiplying Polynomials Worksheet
9/199/20Simplifying and Multiplying Radical Expressions 14. Simplifying and Multiplying Radical Expressions Worksheet
9/239/24Adding and Subtracting Radical Expressions 15. Adding and Subtracting Radical Expressions Worksheet
9/259/26 Rational Exponents 16. Higher Roots and Rational Exponents Worksheet
9/279/30Unit 1 Review
Properties of Exponents Quiz Retake
17. Unit 1 Review
10/110/2 18. Unit 1 Test

Unit 2 – Equations and Inequalities

A DayB DayLesson Name and Class NotesHomework
10/310/4Solving 1 and 2 Step Equations19. Intro to Solving 1 and 2 Step Equations
10/710/8Solving Multi-step Equations and Equations with Variables on Both Sides20. Multi-Step Equations and Variables on Both Sides
10/910/10Solving Equations Review21. Solving Equations Delta Math
10/1110/14Quarter 1 PMA
Introduction to Application Problems
1. Applications of Equations Worksheet
10/15Introduction to Inequalities
10/16 No Class – PSAT
10/172. Solving Equations Quiz3. Solving Inequalities Worksheet
10/21 2. Solving Equations Quiz
Introduction to Inequalities
10/22 Solving Compound Inequalities4. Solving Compound Inequalities Worksheet
10/23 Solving Compound Inequalities 3. Solving Inequalities Worksheet (Evens)

4. Solving Compound Inequalities Worksheet (Evens)
10/2410/25Literal Equations5. Literal Equations Worksheet
10/2810/29Introduction to Functions – Evaluating, Addition, Subtraction6. Function Evaluation and Operations #1 (B Day)
10/3010/31Review7. Unit 2 Review
11/111/48. Unit 2 Test 6. Function Evaluation and Operations #1 (A Day Only)
9. Function Evaluation and Operations #2 (All classes)

Unit 3 – Functions

A DayB DayLesson Name and Class NotesHomework
11/111/4Introduction to Functions6. Function Evaluation and Operations #1
9. Function Evaluation and Operations #2
11/511/6Multiplying Polynomial Functions10. Multiplying Functions Worksheet
11/711/8Polynomials Review
Composition of Functions
Understanding Graphs
11. Algebra Nation: Section 3 – Topic 7
11/1211/1312. Operations of Functions Quiz 13. Using Graphs to Relate Two Quantities WS
11/1411/15Understanding Graphs14. Introduction to Functions: Key Features of Functions – Part 2
11/1811/19Unit 3 Review15. Unit 3 Review (Solutions)
11/2011/2116. Unit 3 Test 

Unit 4 – Linear Functions

A DayB DayLesson NameHomework
11/22Introduction to Slope and Slope Intercept Form17. Slope Intercept Form – Additional Practice WS
11/2611/25Functions Classwork Assignment
12/2Introduction to Slope and Slope Intercept Form 17. Slope Intercept Form – Additional Practice WS
12/312/4Slope Intercept Form18. Slope Intercept Form – Day 2
12/512/6Standard Form of Linear Equations19. Linear Functions in Standard Form
12/912/10Linear Inequalities
20. Slope and Slope Intercept Form Quiz
21. Graphing Linear Inequalities
12/1112/12Linear Equations Review22. Linear Equations and Inequalities Review and Solutions
12/1312/1623. Linear Equations Test
12/1712/18Applications of Linear Equations
12/191/7Applications of Linear Equations 
1/81/9Solving Linear Equations and Inequalities by Graphing1. Systems of Equations and Inequalities by Graphing
1/101/13Solving Linear Systems: Substitution2. Solving Systems by Substitution
1/141/15Quarter 2 PMA3. Systems of Equations by Substitution (Day 2)
1/161/17Solving Linear Systems: Elimination 4. Solving Systems of Equations using Elimination
1/211/22Systems of Equations Review5. Systems of Equations – Mixed Review
1/231/246. Systems of Equations QuizNone 🙂
1/271/28Point Slope Form7. Writing Linear Equations
1/291/30Parallel and Perpendicular Lines8. More Writing Equations of Lines (Parallel & Perpendicular)
1/312/3Unit 4 Review9. Unit 4 Review (with solutions)
2/42/510. Unit 4 Test

Unit 5 – Graphing Quadratics

A DayB DayLesson NameHomework
2/62/7Introduction to Quadratic FunctionsNone 🙂
2/102/11Graphing Quadratic Functions in Vertex Form11. Graphing Quadratics in Vertex Form
2/122/13Graphing Quadratic Functions in Vertex Form
Converting Quadratic Functions to Standard Form
12. More Vertex Form of a Parabola
2/142/18Converting Quadratic Functions to Standard Form
13. Graphing Vertex Form Quiz
14. Converting to Standard Form
2/192/20Introduction to Standard Form – Equations and Inequalities15. Graphing Quadratics in Standard Form
2/212/24Graphing Quadratic Inequalities
Graphing Review
None 🙂
2/252/26Graphing Review16. Unit 5 Review
2/272/2817. Unit 5 Test

Unit 6 – Factoring and Solving Quadratic Functions

A DayB DayLesson NameHomework
3/23/3Factoring – GCF and Difference of Squares18. Introduction to Factoring – GCF and Difference of Squares
3/43/5Factoring Trinomials when A=119. Factoring Trinomials when A=1
Week 120. GCF Factoring DeltaMath
Week 121. Factoring Difference of Squares DeltaMath
Week 122. Factoring Trinomials (A=1) DeltaMath

Quarter 4

Week #Due DateAssignment
13/2719. Factoring Trinomials when A=1
13/2720. GCF Factoring DeltaMath
13/2721. Factoring Difference of Squares DeltaMath
13/2722. Factoring Trinomials (A=1) DeltaMath
24/323. Factoring Trinomials – Various A Values
24/324. Factoring Trinomials DeltaMath – Various A Values
24/325. Factoring Trinomials (A is not 1), Day 2
34/91. Factoring Review
34/92. Factoring Test
The test will be available Wednesday 4/8 and is due by Thursday 4/9 11:59pm
44/173. Solving Quadratics by Factoring DeltaMath
4. Upload DeltaMath Work
44/175. Solving Quadratics – The Zero Product Property WS
5You will need to print or copy down the following before the live lesson on Tuesday:
Quadratic Formula Note Sheet and Solving Quadratics Using the Quadratic Formula – Class Examples
54/246. Quadratic Formula – Part 1 (Rational or Decimal Answers) DeltaMath
7. Upload DeltaMath work for assignment #6
54/248. Quadratic Formula Part 2 (Irrational Solutions) DeltaMath
9. Upload DeltaMath work for assignment #8
65/110. Solving Quadratics Test Review
65/111. Solving Quadratics Test
75/812. Mean, Median, and Mode Worksheet
75/8Box Plot Notes
13. Box Plot DeltaMath
85/15Probability Notes
14. Probability from Two-Way Frequency Tables Deltamath
85/1515. Statistics Test
95/2216. Pythagorean Theorem Worksheet
95/2217. Pythagorean Theorem DeltaMath
18. Upload DeltaMath work for assignment #17