Algebra 1 Virtual School

Week #Due DateAssignment
13/2719. Factoring Trinomials when A=1
13/2720. GCF Factoring DeltaMath
13/2721. Factoring Difference of Squares DeltaMath
13/2722. Factoring Trinomials (A=1) DeltaMath
24/323. Factoring Trinomials – Various A Values
24/324. Factoring Trinomials DeltaMath – Various A Values
24/325. Factoring Trinomials (A is not 1), Day 2
34/91. Factoring Review
34/92. Factoring Test
The test will be available Wednesday 4/8 and is due by Thursday 4/9 11:59pm
44/173. Solving Quadratics by Factoring DeltaMath
4. Upload DeltaMath Work
44/175. Solving Quadratics – The Zero Product Property WS
5You will need to print or copy down the following before the live lesson on Tuesday:
Quadratic Formula Note Sheet and Solving Quadratics Using the Quadratic Formula – Class Examples
54/246. Quadratic Formula – Part 1 (Rational or Decimal Answers) DeltaMath
7. Upload DeltaMath work for assignment #6
54/248. Quadratic Formula Part 2 (Irrational Solutions) DeltaMath
9. Upload DeltaMath work for assignment #8
65/110. Solving Quadratics Test Review
65/111. Solving Quadratics Test
75/812. Mean, Median, and Mode Worksheet
75/8Box Plot Notes
13. Box Plot DeltaMath
85/15Probability Notes
14. Probability from Two-Way Frequency Tables Deltamath
85/1515. Statistics Test
95/2216. Pythagorean Theorem Worksheet
95/2217. Pythagorean Theorem DeltaMath
18. Upload DeltaMath work for assignment #17