Unit 1


A DayLesson NameHomework
8/30Properties of Exponents
Class Examples
9. Basic Rules of Exponents Worksheet
9/1Properties of Exponents Review
10. DeltaMath Classwork Assignment
9/3Properties of Negative Exponents11. Working with Negative Exponents
9/8Exponents Review
Quiz Review
12. Exponent Rules Maze
9/1013. Properties of Exponents Quiz14. Properties of Exponents DeltaMath
9/14Adding and Subtracting Radical Expressions 15. Simplifying and Multiplying Radical Expressions Worksheet
9/16Simplifying Radical Expressions and Rational Exponents16. Adding and Subtracting Radical Expressions Worksheet
and Higher Roots and Rational Exponents Worksheet #1-28
9/20Radical Expressions ReviewAlgebra 1: 17. Radical Expressions Review DeltaMath
Algebra 1a: 17. Unit 0 Review DeltaMath
9/22Rational Exponents
Unit 1 Review
18. Algebra 1: Unit 1 Review
18. Algebra 1a: Unit 1 Review
9/2419. Unit 1 Test

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