Unit 2

Equations and Inequalities

A DayB DayLesson Name and Class NotesHomework
10/310/4Solving 1 and 2 Step Equations19. Intro to Solving 1 and 2 Step Equations
10/710/8Solving Multi-step Equations and Equations with Variables on Both Sides20. Multi-Step Equations and Variables on Both Sides
10/910/10Solving Equations Review21. Solving Equations Delta Math
10/1110/14Quarter 1 PMA
Introduction to Application Problems
1. Applications of Equations Worksheet
10/15Introduction to Inequalities
10/16 No Class – PSAT
10/172. Solving Equations Quiz3. Solving Inequalities Worksheet
10/21 2. Solving Equations Quiz
Introduction to Inequalities
10/22 Solving Compound Inequalities4. Solving Compound Inequalities Worksheet
10/23 Solving Compound Inequalities 3. Solving Inequalities Worksheet (Evens)

4. Solving Compound Inequalities Worksheet (Evens)
10/2410/25Literal Equations5. Literal Equations Worksheet
10/2810/29Introduction to Functions – Evaluating, Addition, Subtraction6. Function Evaluation and Operations #1 (B Day)
10/3010/31Review7. Unit 2 Review
11/111/48. Unit 2 Test 6. Function Evaluation and Operations #1 (A Day Only)
9. Function Evaluation and Operations #2 (All classes)