Unit 3 and 4

Linear and Absolute Value Functions

DateSectionLesson NameHomework
10/143.2/3.3Rate of Change and Slope
Slope Intercept Form
1. Slope Intercept Form – Additional Practice WS
11/193.3Slope Intercept Form
Introduction to Standard Form
2. Linear Equations in Standard Form
10/214.1/4.2Writing Equations of Linear Functions3. Writing Linear Equations – Point Slope Form
10/254.1/4.2Writing Equations of Linear Functions – Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
4. Graphing Linear Equations Quiz
5. More Writing Equations of Lines – Parallel and Perpendicular
10/273.5Writing Equations of Linear Functions
Applications of Linear Functions
6. Linear Equations DeltaMath Review
10/314.3Scatter Plots and Lines of Fit7. Line of Best Fit DeltaMath
11/2Unit 3-4 Review8. Linear Equations Test Review
11/49. Linear Equations Test
11/8Graphing Absolute Value Equations10. Absolute Value Transformations DeltaMath