Unit 4

Linear Functions and Inequalities

A DayB DayLesson NameHomework
11/22Introduction to Slope and Slope Intercept Form17. Slope Intercept Form – Additional Practice WS
11/2611/25Functions Classwork Assignment
12/2Introduction to Slope and Slope Intercept Form 17. Slope Intercept Form – Additional Practice WS
12/312/4Slope Intercept Form18. Slope Intercept Form – Day 2
12/512/6Standard Form of Linear Equations19. Linear Functions in Standard Form
12/912/10Linear Inequalities
20. Slope and Slope Intercept Form Quiz
21. Graphing Linear Inequalities
12/1112/12Linear Equations Review22. Linear Equations and Inequalities Review and Solutions
12/1312/1623. Linear Equations Test
12/1712/18Applications of Linear Equations
12/191/7Applications of Linear Equations 
1/81/9Solving Linear Equations and Inequalities by Graphing1. Systems of Equations and Inequalities by Graphing
1/101/13Solving Linear Systems: Substitution2. Solving Systems by Substitution
1/141/15Quarter 2 PMA3. Systems of Equations by Substitution (Day 2)
1/161/17Solving Linear Systems: Elimination 4. Solving Systems of Equations using Elimination
1/211/22Systems of Equations Review5. Systems of Equations – Mixed Review
1/231/246. Systems of Equations QuizNone 🙂
1/271/28Point Slope Form7. Writing Linear Equations
1/291/30Parallel and Perpendicular Lines8. More Writing Equations of Lines (Parallel & Perpendicular)
1/312/3Unit 4 Review9. Unit 4 Review (with solutions)
2/42/510. Unit 4 Test