Unit 7

Exponents and Roots

DateSectionLesson NameHomework
1/237.1-7.2Properties of Exponents7. Basic Rules of Exponents Worksheet
1/257.3Properties of Exponents – Negative Exponents8. Working with Negative Exponents
1/27Exponents Review9. Properties of Exponents DeltaMath
1/317.4Rational Exponents
10. Exponents Quiz
11. Intro to Rational Exponents DeltaMath
2/27.5Simplifying Radicals12. Simplifying and Multiplying Radical Expressions Worksheet
2/67.6Operations with Radicals13. Adding and Subtracting Radical Expressions Worksheet
2/8Unit 7 Review14. Unit 7 Review
2/1015. Unit 7 Test
2/13Simplifying Radicals involving Variables and Higher Roots16. More Radicals Expressions