Units 7-9

Summary of Functions and Statistics

DateLesson NameHomework
4/810. 4/8 DeltaMath Classwork
4/12Exponential Functions11. Graphs of Exponential Functions
4/14Exponential Functions Review
Transformations of Functions
12. Exponential Functions Exit Slip
13. Transformations Worksheet
4/20Summary of Functions: Key Functions Notes
14. Graphing Exit Slip
15. Transformations of Parent Graphs
4/22One Variable Statistics – Box and Whisker Plots
16. Box Plot Exit Slip
17. Box and Whisker Worksheet
4/26One Variable Statistics – Box and Whisker Plots18. Transformations & 1-Variable Stats DeltaMath
4/28Two Variable Statistics – Two Way Frequency Tables19. Algebra 1: Two-way Frequency Tables DeltaMath
19. Algebra 1a: EOC Review
5/2Scatterplots and Lines of Best Fit
Algebra 1a – End of Course Exam
20: Algebra 1: Lines of Best Fit DeltaMath
20. Algebra 1a: No Homework 🙂
5/4No Class – Reading FSA
5/6FSA Review
5/10Algebra 1 – Algebra FSA is 5/9-5/10
5/12Statistics Review21. Statistics DeltaMath Review
5/16Statistics Review22. Statistics Review WS
5/1823. Statistics Test