Chapter 3


A DayB DaySectionLesson NameHomework
9/99/122.4/3.1Rates of Change and Definition of the Derivative10. Rate of Change and the Definition of a Derivative Worksheet
9/139/143.2/3.5Simple Derivative Rules11. Simple Derivative Rules Worksheet
9/159/163.3Product and Quotient Rules12. Product and Quotient Rule WS
9/199/20Derivatives Review13. Simple Derivatives Review Worksheet
9/219/223.4Velocity and Other Rates of Change
14. Memorization Quiz
15. 3.4 Worksheet #1-12
9/239/26Particle Motion Review16. Particle Motion Day 2 WS
9/2710/3Derivatives Review
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17. Chapter 3 Delta Math due 10/4 (A) – 10/5 (B) at 8:00 am.
10/410/518. Derivatives Test