Chapter 4


A DayB DaySectionLesson NameHomework
9/289/274.1Chain Rule19. Pg 158 #9, 13-23 odd, 26, 29, 56 (c-f), 72-73
9/309/294.3/4.4Chain Rule Review20. Chain Rule DeltaMath due by 10/6 (A) and 10/5 (B)
10/410/1Quarter 1 Review: Limits and Differentiation
10/610/521. Quarter 1 Exam
This test counts as a test and will replace your lowest test grade of the quarter!
10/7Chain Rule PracticeB2: Derivatives and Chain Rule Classwork
10/810/124.2Derivatives of Inverse Functions Derivatives of Logs and Exponential Functions1. Derivatives of Inverses, Logs, and Exponential Functions Worksheet
10/13No Class – PSAT
10/1510/14Derivatives of Inverse Functions Derivatives of Logs and Exponential Functions Review2. Finish the following sections on your Chapter 4 DeltaMath by next class: Derivative of e through derivative of Inverse functions
10/1910/184.2Implicit Differentiation3. Pg 167 #1-2, 8, 17-19, 27, 29.
10/2110/20Chapter 4 Review4. Chapter 4 DeltaMath
10/2510/225. Chapter 4 Quest