Chapter 4


A DayB DaySectionLesson NameHomework
10/610/71. Differentiability DeltaMath
10/104.1Chain Rule2. Chain Rule WS #1
10/11B Day – 10/11 Classwork DeltaMath
10/12No Class – PSAT
There will be a Quarter 1 Exam given after school on Thursday, 10/13. It is optional and can replace your lowest test grade for the quarter.
10/134.1Chain Rule2. Chain Rule WS #1
10/1410/184.3/4.4Chain Rule – Derivative of Logs and Exponential Functions3. Chain Rule WS #2
10/1910/20Derivatives of Inverse Functions
4. Chain Rule Quiz
5. Chain Rule WS #3
10/2110/244.2Implicit Differentiation6. Implicit Differentiation WS
10/2510/264.2Chapter 4 Review7. Chapter 4 DeltaMath
10/2710/288. Chapter 4 Test