Chapter 5


A DayB DaySectionLesson NameHomework
10/3111/15.6Related Rates9. Related Rates Worksheet #1
11/211/35.6Related Rates10. Related Rates Worksheet #2
11/411/75.6Related Rates11. Related Rates DeltaMath
11/811/912. Related Rates Quiz
11/1411/155.1Absolute Extrema13. Extreme Value of Functions WS
11/1611/175.1/5.3Local Extrema
Increasing and Decreasing Functions
14. Local Extrema, Increasing and Decreasing WS
11/1811/215.3Concavity15. Concavity WS
11/2211/285.2Connecting f’ and f” with the Graph of f16. Curve Sketching WS
11/2911/30The Second Derivative Test
L’Hôpital’s Rule
17. Derivative Analysis Worksheet
12/112/2 Mean Value Theorem
Linear Approximation
11/512/6 Chapter 5 Review18. Chapter 5 DeltaMath
12/712/819. Chapter 5 TestSemester 1 Exam: DeltaMath – Due 1/3 at 8:00 am
Semester 1 Exam Work: Must be uploaded to Focus by 1/3 at 8:00 am
Semester 1 Exam Remediation: DeltaMath – Due 1/3 at 8:00 am