Chapter 7

Substitution and Differential Equations

A DayB DaySectionLesson NameHomework
1/31Begin Substitution
2/22/17.2Substitution10. Integration by Substitution WS #1
2/42/37.2Substitution11. Integration by Substitution WS #2
2/82/77.2Integration of Logs and Exponential Functions12. 6.2 Worksheet
2/102/913. Substitution Quiz
More Substitution…
14. Integration by Substitution WS #4
2/142/15Particle Motion
15. Rate and Motion WS
2/162/17Rate In and Rate Out
16. Rate DeltaMath
2/182/22Review17. Substitution DeltaMath
2/232/2418. Integration Test
2/252/287.4Differential Equations and Slope Fields19. Differential Equations DeltaMath due 3/3 (A) – 3/4 (B)
3/13/27.4Slope Field and Differential Equations Review20. FRQ Practice
3/33/4Differential Equations Review
21. Differential Equations and Slope Fields Quiz
3/73/822. Quarter 3 Exam