Chapter 11

LIMITS, EOC Review, and Exponential Functions

DateLesson NameHomeworkState/AP Testing
4/27Introduction to Limits9. Limits WS #1
4/29Evaluating Limits10. Limits WS #2
5/3Continuity and One-Sided Limits
Infinite Limits
11. Limits WS #3AP Gov
5/5EOC ReviewAP Lit
5/7End of Course Exam
5/11End of Course Exam – Make-Up AP Psych
5/13Limits ReviewLimits DeltaMath Due 5/21 at 8am
5/17US History EOC
AP Stat
5/19FSA English
5/21Limits Test
5/25Log and Exponential Functions
5/27Log and Exponential Functions
5/3Last Day of School 🙂