Chapter 3

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

A DayB DaySectionLesson NameHomework
11/1411/153.1-3.2Exponential Functions
Simple Applications
13. Exponential Functions Worksheet
11/1611/173.3-3.4Logarithmic Functions and Properties of Logarithmic Functions14. Intro to Logs – Homework Worksheet
11/1811/213.5Solving Equations
15. Exponential Functions Quiz
16. Solving Equations – Logs and Exponentials WS
11/2211/283.5Solving Equations – Applications17. Exponential Applications Homework
11/2911/30Chapter 3 Review18. Chapter 3 DeltaMath – Due 12/1 (A Day) or 12/2 (B Day) before class
12/112/219. Chapter 3 Test